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Bounce Castle is a small collective of independent musicians creating original sounds. We have curated a library of unique audio samples designed for music makers to serve as building blocks for new music compositions. Download some of our packs and have fun experimenting :)


The Burbank Vibe Center is a lo-fi jam collaboration between producers Jean Grigio & sleep0ver. Working from their Downtown LA studio, they are known for their psychedelic deep grooves and intricate sound design. Their sample packs contain a mixture of curated samples & compositions from selected improvised jams.


Slowers is a musician & producer located in New York with over a decade experience playing in bands, live sound, touring, recording & producing. Avid collector of vintage gear, particularly guitar effects pedals—thus his fascination with exploring ethereal & spacey textures, transforming his guitar into something unrecognizable. His sample packs include looping guitar compositions that progressively add new layers & harmonies.